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My exclusive hands-on cooking classes, conducted in my home kitchen in Adelaide, South Australia, are restricted to 3-5 people. The full-day class is an intensive day of buying produce and cooking, rounded off with a dinner party at night where you plate up for your fellow participants and a partner or a friend. 

Lifetime love of cooking
I've always had an interest in cooking. It started when I was young and I helped mum cook roasts and bake lemon tarts (Vidale pastry mix I recall) and then in university days the motivation was trying to impress girlfriends with dinner parties! Then later, I ran the gauntlet of my fiercest critics - my daughters. 


My home cooking classes bring together my love of cooking, my experience attending cooking classes here in Adelaide, in Paris and Bali and my passion for sharing my knowledge. I've attended many cooking classes and picked up good hints and tips about how to teach people to cook - and how not to! My background as a teacher helps me know how to explain the cooking techniques and impart knowledge and skills.

I prefer European cuisine, predominantly French and Italian, but I also love dishes from Spain, North Africa and contemporary Australian.


Simple... to share my passion for food, cooking and wine with others who are also passionate about them. I love to help people who want to be better cooks and just don't know where to start.

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Who is The Butter Smith?

My name is Steven Smith and I'm a home cook with no professional qualifications. But friends and guests for whom I have cooked, have encouraged me to run these classes. The conversation around our dinner table with friends about food and cooking often turns to our female friends (because their male partners mostly didn't do the cooking) explaining that years of cooking for the family has killed their passion and confidence about cooking. Something that they'd like to re-kindle. And many male friends are keen to learn how to do more than just cook a good BBQ. They love food and cooking but don't feel that they are very good at it.

The full-day (approx 8.30 am - 4.30 pm) and half-day classes (3-4 hours) are for all these people. Call or email me and let's talk about tailoring a class for you and some friends.


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